About Us

As a Managed Service Provider, the team at Clay offer a full range of IT solutions for your business, from supplying your hardware to ensuring your networks are secure, and everything in between.

We are a diverse group, all with a common interest of serving the public with prompt solutions to their unique IT requests and concerns.

The experience we have in senior management and technical lead roles amidst high-stress, high stakes environments, means Clay is able to ensure the smooth running of your business through potentially catastrophic events; minimising frustration and revenue loss.

From the very beginning, we set Clay’s values high, with integrity and honesty being two of the highest.  We understand the importance of a prompt response and resolution to your tech requests, no matter how small they may be.  With our yes being yes and our no being no, we thankfully enjoy a relationship with our clients of absolute transparency, trust and clear communication.

Our existing clients range from London’s leading architectural firms to health care practices, financial service providers and start-up charities on the Isle of Man.  This variety, and the time we invest, has resulted in an excellent understanding  of a number of different business models and their day-to-day operations, enabling us to maintain a standard of excellence in our care and the solutions we suggest.

That’s why we’re called Clay; because we listen to your business objectives and goals and then mould our IT around those in order for you to accomplish them.

In this increasingly exciting field of technology, we love that we get to enjoy the immense satisfaction of watching our clients’ businesses thrive under the bespoke IT solutions we provide.  Nothing beats that.

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